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French Connection :

Recently, another huge contribution has been made by Pierre Souvay, of Epinal, France. He has provided the connection between Charles Vincent Vauthier, and our Ancestry in France. I had found a Charles Vincent Vauthier with a Birthday of 22 January, where we had 21 January, but could link him positively to our Charles Vincent Vauthier.

Until now.

Thanks to Pierre, and all the genealogical information he has shared, we can now make the connection.

Charles Vincent Vauthier was married to Marie Louise Vuillemin and had three children. There also were a fourth and a fifth, who also shared his name, but were born after his immigrating to America. There were judgements in France which contested Charles Vincent's relationship to these children.

The Judgement in Hadol, France, declared that Charles Vincent Vauthier was not the father of Marie Georges (Vauthier), and the child would not be able to bear his name, nor to belong to his family. It was with in this judgement, which referred to Charles Vincent Vauthier's known residence at that time to be Hillsboro, Texas. This coincides with our records for Charles Vincent Vauthier, and provides our French Connection.

My Sincere Thanks to both, Kenneth and Pierre for their major contributions, and hard work.


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Birthdays :

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"Thanks" to Family Members :

Thanks to All who have contributed to the Texas Tortilla Factory, with their stories, photos, information, etc.

Since its initial publishing Our Genealogy to the web other relatives have contributed to our Collective Genealogy. I would like to Thanks them now, by listing these Notable Contributions and from they have came from :

Ralph and Barbara Roberts, of Stephenville, Texas. I was initially contacted by Barbara Roberts via Ancestry .com in reply to a message I had left years before requesting information on Charles Vincent Vauthier. She had some pictures of him and others and sent them to me. She also provided updated information on the Roberts side of the Family, Ralph's Mother Exa Day Barron, daughter of my Great Aunt Maggie Florence Vauthier, who is the Daughter of my Great Grandfather Charles Vincent.

Donnie Boucher, of College Station, Texas, who provided genealogy information and numerous photos for the Boucher side of the Family Tree, and identification for individuals within the Photo Albums.

Rachel Howell Beecham of Seattle, Washington, who was prompted by her son Brandon's school project to find out more about his and her Family Tree.

Rachel and Brandon are my cousins and descendants of my Aunt Maurine, who is her Great GrandMother (my Dad's Sister), her GrandMother Estaline McAdams, and her Mother Paula Farrell. My Father and his Sister Marine were very close and remained in contact after she moved to Seattle, Washington.

Ransom Edgar Amos my Cousin "Eddie", who has recently contacted me and gave me some corrections and update information on his Family. He is the son of my Uncle Ransom and Aunt Thelma (Vauthier) Amos.

Jessica Farrell, who contacted me and provided corrections and information about her family. She is the Great Great Grand Daughter of my Aunt Alta Maurine (Vauthier), and Grand daughter of my Cousin Estaline (McAdams), and Daughter of Susan (Hughes) and Michael Farrell, who is the son of Estaline (McAdams) and Gene Farrell.

Stephen Finch, who has provided updated information for his Great-Grandmother Donie Callie Elliott, whose Great GrandParents are John W? Elliott and Susan Jane Mitchell.

Connie Bridgewater Burleson, who has provided information on her Grandparents Harvey Doke Hawkins and Ethel Smith. Harvey Doke Hawkins is the Great GrandSon of John W? Elliott and Susan Jane Mitchell. She also sent Photos which have been added to the "Cousin's Old Photos", and the "Hawkins Photos from Cousins" Albums in the TTF Photo Gallery.

Timothy McColl Hawkins provided a photo with detailed information for his Grandfathers Family with dates and places. This information provided the link from himself through his Great GrandFather Richard Alexander Hawkins and Great GrandMother Maltilda Anne Tunnel, which provided the family connection with Mary Ann Elizabeth Elliott, Daughter of John W? Elliott and Susan Jane Mitchell. Timothy also sent other old photos with descriptions. All of which have been added to the "Cousin's Old Photos", and the "Hawkins Photos from Cousins" Albums in the TTF Photo Gallery.

Geri Morris provided a pdf file, "Register Report for Emma Belle Elliott" . This information begin with her Great GrandMother Emma Belle Elliott and all of her Decendants, covering a total of 5 Generations. Emma Belle Elliot is the Great GrandDaughter of John W? Elliott and Susan Jane Mitchell.

Evelyn B. Vauthier, for the updates on her Grandchildren, my Grand Nieces and Nephews. (The Children of her Son, Jason Vauthier and Daughter, and her Daughter, Sharon Melissa Vauthier.)

My Niece, Sharon Melissa (Vauthier) Weems, for the updates on her children's, my Grand Nieces and Nephews, full names and dates of birth.

My Fifth Cousin, Laura (Chadwell) Smith provided information to update and extension to the Elliott Family. We are related through my Great-Great-Great Grandmother Roann Elliott, Daughter of John W? Elliott and Susan Jane Mitchell. Roann is the Sister of Laura's Great-Great-Great Grandfather William Dudley Elliott. ( for other contributions to the Elliott Family see other thanks from paragraphs above: Stephen Finch, Connie Bridgewater Burleson, Timothy McColl and Geri Morris )

My Cousin, Kaye Humberson, added to the Boucher side of our Families. Her Grandmother is Rosie Lee Boucher, who is the daughter of Mary Ann Boucher, who is the sister to my Great Grandfather James Monroe Boucher, who is the Father of my GrandMother Vauthier. Kaye extended information concerning Mary Ann's first Husband Franklin Lender Dupree and her second Husband John L Pendley.

Enjoy and Once Again, Thanks to All,


Notes on Recent Updates to the Genealogy Database:
Posted Updates as of 19 March 2013

Thirteen Generations of Hurt Family

Thirteen Generations added to the Ira Octavius Hurt Family, all the way back to Glouscester, and Ashborne, England.

Before we had Minnie Bell Hurt's Father Joel Hurt with birthdate of about 1818. After searching online I found reference to Ira O. as a member of Joel and Harriet Hurt family. It was within a paragraph describing a Mr. Barron in 1869 who had married Virginia M. Hurt, who was a daughter of Joel and Harriet (Farris) Hurt. The paragraph processed to list the family members, which included "Ira 0., Texas;". The pdf file is entitled, "History of Cooper County Missouri by W. F. Johnson".

Minnie Bell Hurt is the wife of John David Ragland, and Mother to my Grandfather George Wallace Ragland.

Mother's Name for Lois M. Vauthier

Found the Mother of Lois M. Vauthier name to be William Tressie "Willie" Robertson.

The search for Lois M. turned up a web site which listed family members for "REEVES FAMILY of White County, Arkansas". Willie Robertson was the daughter of Amelia Ann Reeves, of Newark, Independence County, Arkansas, who married William "Bill" Robertson. Lois is the daughter of my Great Uncle Charles Albert Vauthier and William Tressie "Willie" Robertson. The only real discrepancies that I noticed were that they listed Charles Albert Vauthier, as "Charles Albert Vauthier, Jr son of Charles Albert Vaultier" as you can see his and his father names were incorrect, with his b father being Charles Vincent Vauthier; they also listed their son as "Dean Albert Vautier", instead of Charles Dean Vauthier.

Charles Albert Vauthier is the Brother to my Grandfather Just Arthur Vauthier.

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