Texas Tortilla Factory Photo Gallery : Old and Travel Photo Albums.
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Old Photos Albums

Special Thanks

Mom and Aunt Mary around 1930

Special Thanks to Aunt Mary, Aunt Peggy, my Mother Virginia, and Brother Kenneth C. Vauthier for their contribution and inclusion of their Photos into these Old Photo Albums.

A year or so before Aunt Mary's passing we had discussed how the internet would be a great way for Family photos could be shared. She must have had faith in me to do so, because I was fortune enough, that she left all her photos and albums to me ' Aunt Mary's Blue Albums', 1 to 3.

There is also an album I have labeled as 'Ken and Aunt Mary's' Photo Album, which is a mix of old photos given to me on a CD, from my Brother Kenneth and Framed Pictures I believe are from the Cornelison's, Family, which I received from Aunt Mary.

Mom would not allow me to remove the photos from her photo albums to scan, but she did give me some old negatives which I was able to scan in using a couple of special adapters to hold the negatives. I used these, along with other negatives I had received from Aunt Mary, all of which are included in the 'Aunt Mary and Mom' Photo Albums 1 to 5.

Since my Mothers Passing in January of 2012, my oldest Brother Kenneth has had almost four hundred photos scanned in that he had collected over the years and the ones which Mom left to him. You can find these in the 'Ken and Mom's' Photo Albums 1 to 6.

Thanks To All My Cousins and Distant Relatives

Thanks to all of the other Family Members, who have contributed photos and information updating the identification of individuals in the Old Photos : Cousin Connie Bridgewater, Cousin Delyn (Alexander) and her husband Carl Spurgin, Cousins Donnie Boucher, Cousin Gerald Ragland, Judy (Boucher) Craig, Cousin Ralph Roberts and his Wife Barbara Alice Wallace-Hand, Cousins Brandon and his Mom, Rachel Howell - Beecham, Terresa Sitz's Stockton Photos, and Cousins Tim Hawkins and G. Elliot.

Travel Photos (Outside the Netherlands) Albums

Netherlands Photos Albums

Special Thanks to My Best Friend Marga

As for the Travel Photos, if it had not been for her trip planning, bookings of Flights, and of places for us to stay throughout the years, the majority of the travel photos would not have been taken, and therefore not available for viewing.

I have been very fortunate too have been able to visit and live the various countries I have shared. Hopefully I will continue to travel

After visiting Spain, I'll never be the same.

I really liked the Three Dog Night's song, "Never Been to Spain" released in 1971, and I have sung along with it in, and outside my mind for years since I first heard it.
After visiting the Costa del Sol region in the south of Spain, the song can never have the same meaning. … Still I continue to like the song and will sing along with it in and outside my head as I have done today.

My apologies to those born during and after the 1970s, as you probably have not heard of the Three Dog Night.

But now, I can now identify with Counting Crow's 2002 released song, "Holiday in Spain".

Hopefully more of you that have heard of the group, Counting Crows, and their songs.


Thanks to all that took an interest in my photos. I hope you have enjoyed looking through the photographs in the Texas Tortilla Factory Photo Albums.

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Photographs and Memories

Time it was, and what a time it was,
it was A time of innocence,
a time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories,
they're all that's left you

Artist: Simon and Garfunkel
Album: Bookends
Song Title: Bookends Theme
Authors: Simon and Garfunkel
Duration: 0:32